Weekly Golf Tips by Bruce Lewis

As the new golf Instructor at Highlands Golf Course, I am so excited to start my weekly golf tips. My background as a newspaper golf column writer (14 years), Fox TV weekly golf tips (4 years), monthly radio (12 years) and golf instructor for Pebble Beach and the Jim Flick/Jack Nicklaus Golf School (4 years), allows me to share my career of tips learned from many of the greats. If you have any specific golf tip requests, please let me know.

Which is the best club for your chips?

Given there are no obstacles like bunkers or split level greens, you should have one club to use on most of your chips.  To find the best club for you, set up a 30 to 40 foot putt just on the practice green. Stroke several putts from this location to know how large a stroke you need from that distance. Now, place a couple of balls just off the practice green at the same distance from the hole. Start with your 7 iron and use the same size swing as your putter to see how close you come to the hole. If you are long, switch clubs down to your 8 iron. If you are short, switch to your 6 iron. Continue switching clubs until your chipping iron matches your putter distance. The added bonus is every time you practice your long putts, you are practicing your distance control with your chipping. Likewise, practicing your chipping will help your distance control on your long putts. For more help finding the best chipping club for you, come on up to Highlands Golf Course for a lesson, or call us at 208-773-3673.

Death Grip and the Slice

Do you have the “Death Grip” on your clubs? If so, you are probably squeezing your way to a wicked slice. It’s a simple formula: the harder you squeeze, the more you lock your wrists. The wrists cannot hinge if they are locked from squeezing. When you lighten your grip, your wrists will hinge more naturally and the slice will straighten out. If you lighten your grip even more, you just might hit a hook! A softer grip allows you to feel the position of your club head throughout your swing. Try holding a club with a soft grip and notice how you can feel the club. Now hold the club with a tight grip, and you’ll notice that all you can feel is the grip. If you are having trouble with your grip pressure, come on up to Highlands Golf Course for a lesson, or call us at 208-773-3673.

The One Dollar Tip

The most common problem with bunker shots is the golf club not swinging all the way through the sand. Many golfers have a tendency to “jab” or “chop” at the ball rather than taking a smooth, complete swing that takes their club head all the way through the sand.

Next time you are at the practice bunker, place a dollar bill on the sand. Draw a long line at each end of the bill in the sand. Now practice swinging with your sand wedge entering the sand at the first line and coming out at the second line. After you have mastered this drill, place a ball in the middle of the two lines and hit the best sand shot of your life! If you still need help with your bunker shots, come on up to Highlands Golf Course for a lesson, or call us at 208-773-3673.